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Looking for a New Career Path?

Looking for a New Career Path?

Change everything, regardless of your profession, with the awareness of environment that comes at the higher levels of feng shui. I am providing Professional Feng Shui Practitioner Training on weekends, starting this Sunday, March 2nd. There are still 5 training days, but they are spread across weekends in March and April, rather than taking up an entire work week. Class size is limited to only 4 students. All materials are provided. To join us, call me at 713-952-5429. For more information, please visit http://www.tomorrowskey.com/web-content/FSPCertificationProgram.html

There’s More Happening in your Garden than Meets the Eye!

There's More Happening in your Garden than Meets the Eye!

Learn how to work with your garden devas!
• Earth Elementals – Gnomes – ruled by Gob
• Air Elementals – Sylphs – ruled by Paralda
• Fire Elementals – Salamanders – ruled by Djin
• Water Elementals – Undines – ruled by Necksa

Tuition: $20 | Enjoy Treats by Sheri Anderson
March 9 • 1:30-3 • Lucia’s Garden

Seating is limited. To reserve your space register at Lucia’s or online at tomorrowskey.com For more information, call: 713.972.5429

Personal Magic Makes Your Career SPARKLE!

Personal Magic Makes Your Career SPARKLE!

FREE! An online 3-part series to remind you to embrace your own magic. Take charge of your career and transform yourself into the shining star you have always wanted to be.
Start with a little magic…and you’ve got that…add a little sparkle…and a dash of charm…and the next thing you know–your customers are raving about how awesome you are! Your colleagues are wondering what you ate for breakfast. And your boss is thinking you need a raise.
And there’s more if you want more!