Sexy Spring!

Sexy Spring!

Here’s a little meaning for you: The Maypole actually celebrates the magic of the penis! Oooh yeah – let’s dance around and tie it in ribbons and celebrate. But seriously folks, without the magic of the penis, and the sperm that seek the egg, where would women be? Where would any of us be? This time of bird sex and plant sex includes people sex. Yay for procreation! Tis the season. Smile and see the deeper layers. There are at least seven layers to everything, and the first one is physical.


Don’t Settle for S.O.S.D.D.!

Don't Settle for S.O.S.D.D.!

Do you find your days seem to to always be the Same Old Stuff/Different Day? Demand More! Add the richness of meaning to your life with a deeper understanding of the Matrix of Magic in your life. We begin, this Saturday, with the rich symbolism integrated in the Tarot. You will find the layers of meaning bring incredible levels of connection and understanding. Join us online! Go here to register: