Ready for a new Relationship with Wealth?

Next Sunday, August 17th, I am presenting Prosperity Magic at Lucia’s Garden at a special early time – 11:30 (till 1:00 pm) after studying wealth with Loral Langemeier @LiveOutLoud. Reserve your spot soon. This will be a sell out for very good reasons.



Remember Your Love Magic


This Sunday, February 9th I’m presenting a little workshop on Love Magic at Lucia’s Garden here in Houston. Everyone has love magic within them. We generally refer to it as a form of Light. Notice that’s Light, not just light.

Light is not a shining brightness like you get from the Sun or a lamp. Light shines forth from your eyes when you’re happy. It radiates out from your smile when you’re joyous. It beams from every pore of your skin when you’re in love.

You have always been aware of this esoteric, or hidden light, and you use phrases in everyday language to refer to it, saying things such as: “The bride was radiant,” “Daddy beamed as I got my diploma,” “You are brilliant!” or “He’s a star.”

When you are aware of this Light, you can use it to help heal others hearts. Turn on your headlights – let the Light shine forth from your eyes intentionally. Hug someone with your high beams on and they will feel the energy transfer as you press your heart to theirs.

This is the month of hearts and love. Valentine’s Day is coming. Want to play with your love magic? Spread the love and the Light with your magic hugs. Watch the expressions on the faces of those you embrace as they Light up with surprise and wonder. Remember your power. Share your Light!

I ask you to SHARE this and pass it on. Let’s warm up the winter with love.Love